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The Best Jerky on the Planet.

Let's have an adventure.

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Our Mission

The idea behind Brothers Artisanal is simple: we needed a healthy vehicle to relay a certain variety of flavors. That jerky is snackable, portable, and protein-rich is all secondary to its versatility as a flavor catalyst. Made by fitness freaks and food scientists, crafted by award-winning chefs.

Made Just for You


Our primary focus is taste. When we taste a dish we love, we begin immediately to puzzle out how to get that taste into our products. The result is the best jerky you've ever had. We use clean, pure ingredients, and authentic, time-honored cooking methods.


The Best Meats on Earth

Grassfed, Grass-Finished Beef / Organic, Free-Range, Open-Pasture Turkey / Heritage Pork

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Experience the brothers difference

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The alchemy of jerky

A Message from Pierre Beauregard, Co-Founder of Brothers Artisanal


A few years back, my brother, Phil, started tinkering around with a food dehydrator (make no mistake: he is the father of the bastard child that is Brothers Artisanal). Phil began sending me traditional beef jerky by mail, and, being something of a perfectionist, he was always eager to hear my feedback. 

It’s good, I’d tell him. How good, he’d say. Good, I’d say. But, I’d say, try it this way.

So a few weeks later I get a package in the mail. Lo and behold, a food dehydrator, from Phil. Okay, I think. I’ll try my hand at this. But I’m not going to do it how he wants me to. (I am something of a nonconformist, and very much a jerk.)