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The Fittest and Tastiest Jerky on the Planet.

Adventure on, friends.

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Our Mission

Made by fitness freaks and food scientists, hand-crafted by award-winning chefs, the idea behind Brothers Artisanal was simple: we needed a healthy vehicle to relay a certain variety of flavors. That jerky is snackable, portable, and protein-rich is all secondary to its versatility as a flavor catalyst. We invite you to taste, and feel, the difference.

Made for You


Our primary focus is taste. When we taste a dish we love, we begin immediately to puzzle out how to get that taste into our health-conscious products. The result is the healthiest, best jerky you've ever had. We use clean, pure ingredients, and authentic, time-honored cooking methods.


From the Best Meats on Earth

Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef / Organic, Free-Turkey / Heritage Pork

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Experience the brothers difference

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The alchemy of jerky

A Message from Pierre, Co-Founder of Brothers Artisanal


A few years back, my brother, Phil, started tinkering around with a food dehydrator (make no mistake: he is the father of the bastard child that is Brothers Artisanal). Phil began sending me traditional beef jerky by mail, and, being something of a perfectionist, he was always eager to hear my feedback. 

It’s good, I’d tell him. How good, he’d say. Good, I’d say. But, I’d say, try it this way.

So a few weeks later I get a package in the mail. Lo and behold, a food dehydrator, from Phil. Okay, I think. I’ll try my hand at this. But I’m not going to do it how he wants me to. (I am something of a nonconformist, and very much a jerk.)